Suggestion Box 29 – Decorations

This is the second video about the environmental impact of festive traditions. This time, Karen looks at the items we use to decorate our homes.  She offers some suggestions on how to reduce the impact. These include changing to low energy lightbulbs and continuing to use old decorations instead of sending them to landfill.  She … Continue reading Suggestion Box 29 – Decorations

Suggestion Box 28 – Christmas Trees

This is the first of three videos in which we explore the environmental impact of festive traditions.  This time we look at Christmas trees.  Once you have decided that a tree will be part of your celebrations, the next choice to make is the type of tree.  Here, we offer some pros and cons of … Continue reading Suggestion Box 28 – Christmas Trees

Suggestion Box 5 – Recycling

A simple pre-packed lunch bought from a supermarket can produce a significant amount of waste.  Recycling can deal with some of this, but it also adds to rubbish that has to be sent to landfill.  In this Suggestion Box video we identify some of the confusion that surrounds what can and can’t be recycled before … Continue reading Suggestion Box 5 – Recycling