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Environmental Literacy

At ideostone, we believe strongly that we need more people and organisations to become environmentally literate.  This means giving many more people, and the people who make up organisations, much better knowledge and understanding of the benefits we gain from our environment and, conversely, the harm we are causing it.

Environmental literacy is also about recognising that we are part of the natural world and that damage we cause will have an impact upon us, our lives and the lives of our friends, neighbours, children and grandchildren.  Knowing more about the world we live in, will, we believe, lead to us enhancing rather than degrading the environment in which we live and work.  To achieve this, at ideostone, we facilitate other people’s learning about the range of complex issues using face-to-face sessions, e-learning and mentoring

Our Motivation

When an individual we are working with ‘gets it’ and can talk and write about climate change, biodiversity, waste management or sustainability with more confidence, and use information we have given them to make a difference, we get a real sense of excitement and achievement.  We…

  • help people to understand the scale of our impact on our shared environment
  • motivate people to recognise how important it is to care for our environment
  • challenge conventional perceptions of organisations and their place in society
  • equip people with tools to make positive environmental changes to their lives and organisations.

Who we are

ideostone is a small business working from our office in the Yorkshire Dales.  Richard Boothman, who set up the business, has more than 18 years experience teaching environmental modules as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University.  He has also delivered many face to face courses accredited by NEBOSH and IEMA together with tailor-made courses for a range of organisations: from professional services to facilities management to engineering and beyond.

Karen Boothman joined the business formally in 2019 to help with the creation of on-line courses.  Her background is in Food Technology and in Administrative processes, but she has developed new skills in animation and video production techniques as well as providing many of the voice-overs for the courses.