Suggestion Box 22 – Natural Cleaning

Manufactured cleaning chemicals are not always good for the environment.  In this video Karen suggests a few of the natural alternative cleaning chemicals that can be used.  These options may take a bit more time and elbow grease to work but they are kinder to the environment; cheap and can be just as effective as … Continue reading Suggestion Box 22 – Natural Cleaning

Net Zero by 2027 – part 9

We’ve committed our micro-business to being Net Zero by 2027.  This series of videos follows our progress as we work out how to achieve this.  The first stage is to work out the quantity of greenhouse gases we contribute to the world total and this is the end of that process.  Here, we reveal the … Continue reading Net Zero by 2027 – part 9

Net Zero by 2027 – part 8

In this video, we reveal the result of our initial calculation and the total mass of greenhouse gases we emit.  Spoiler alert!  It is not a big total, which is both a relief and a challenge.  But sense checking the result reveals a couple of minor issues we need to resolve before we reach an … Continue reading Net Zero by 2027 – part 8

Margaret’s Story

This animated film was premiered as part of the 2022 Yorkshire Festival of Story. One woman’s journey toward climate awareness is brought to life in a compelling and poignant 30-minute film. Follow Margaret, a grandmother in her early 70s, as she finds out about climate breakdown and learn with her along the way as she … Continue reading Margaret’s Story

Suggestion Box 21 – Holidays

Holidays are beneficial to our health and wellbeing.  Apart from the impact of the way we travel to our destinations, there are decisions we can make about the activities we take part in while on holiday.  In this video, Karen looks at how we can all help to reduce the emissions associated with the tourist … Continue reading Suggestion Box 21 – Holidays

Net Zero by 2027 – part 6

More data entry!  Now we need to enter details about our gas and electricity use for the business to the on-line form.  As the business operates from part of our home, we need to make some assumptions and do some maths to work out the proportions of energy costs to allocate.  We think we’ve approached … Continue reading Net Zero by 2027 – part 6

Net Zero by 2027 – part 5

Now that we are ready to start the calculation of our greenhouse gas emissions, we need to decide which of the calculators we will use.  There are many available but, having decided, we explain the information required to set up an account, such as number of employees, turnover and energy use.  We also discuss other … Continue reading Net Zero by 2027 – part 5

Net Zero by 2027 – part 4

This is the final video outlining our preparation for calculating our emissions of greenhouse gases.  Here, we look at our use of technology.  As a provider of on-line training materials we expect that our use of computers and other electronic devices will contribute a significant proportion of our emissions.  It is easy to think that … Continue reading Net Zero by 2027 – part 4