Our courses are made up of a blend of live action ‘talking head’ videos, powerpoint presentations and animated sections.  This range of presentation methods gives variety for learners with the aim of maintaining their interest in the topics being covered.  In particular the animated sections give us a freedom to present the material in an engaging and, where appropriate, a lighthearted way.

We have invested in specialist software and have spent time developing our skills to enable us to create good quality animations and are now offering our services to others.  If you would like to incorporate animation into your training courses or would like a short ‘explainer’ produced to add to your website, please contact us.  There are examples of our work on this page and on our home page.  Although our training expertise is in environmental subjects, our animation skills can be adapted to most situations.


At the start of the current pandemic, we were working with Environmental Solutions through Partnership (ESP) Ltd to produce a live action training course for ‘Spill Awareness’.  As ESP is based in Wolverhampton and we are in the Yorkshire Dales, meeting up to work on this project became impossible as lockdown was imposed.  What was intended to be live action developed into a fully animated, one-hour on-line training course, following regular development meetings via video conference.  This first course is now available on the training section of ESP’s website.  A further animated ‘Environmental Awareness’ course is nearly ready for launch and a third course in the series is in the final stages of production.