Suggestion Box 21 – Holidays

Holidays are beneficial to our health and wellbeing.  Apart from the impact of the way we travel to our destinations, there are decisions we can make about the activities we take part in while on holiday.  In this video, Karen looks at how we can all help to reduce the emissions associated with the tourist … Continue reading Suggestion Box 21 – Holidays

Net Zero Walking?

I was lucky to be invited to spend a day walking in the Lake District recently.  This was a day in the Langdales with a scramble up Wetherlam from Fell Foot and Greenburn and then a more leisurely walk and another scramble to the top of Swirl How.  From Swirl How, we walked along West … Continue reading Net Zero Walking?

Suggestion Box 3 – Commuting

Following the disruption of lockdowns resulting from the rapid spread of Coronavirus, more people are returning to the office at least one or two days a week.  In this latest Environmental Suggestion Box , we consider decisions you can make about how to travel.  We explore the time, physical effort, cost and carbon emissions of … Continue reading Suggestion Box 3 – Commuting