Suggestion Box 13 – Electronic Waste

In this video we look at ways to reduce electronic waste. If computer and other electronic waste is not disposed of properly, it adds to landfill. In breaking down, it releases toxic substances into soil and water.  In this video we look at some options for extending the life of appliances to avoid sending them … Continue reading Suggestion Box 13 – Electronic Waste

Suggestion Box 11 – Upcycling

This video looks at upcycling as part of our series of hints and tips. Here we offer some suggestions for reducing your environmental impact by turning items which are broken or no longer wanted into something else.  This can be a fun way of prolonging the life of the materials. It also helps to reduce … Continue reading Suggestion Box 11 – Upcycling

Suggestion Box 8 – Clothing Disposal

Here, the discussion around the environmental impact of our clothing is continued from Suggestion Box 4.  This time we look at clothing disposal. Options available to extend the useful life of items and avoid sending them to landfill are suggested. Some useful links to illustrate the ways in which organisations are working to reduce the … Continue reading Suggestion Box 8 – Clothing Disposal

Suggestion Box 7 – Packaging

Packaging is used to protect the items that we buy on-line and send to family and friends.  But we need to be careful about the amount that we use and how we dispose of it.  The type of packaging material used is important as it influences whether it can be re-used, re-cycled or needs to … Continue reading Suggestion Box 7 – Packaging