Suggestion Box 29 – Decorations

This is the second video about the environmental impact of festive traditions. This time, Karen looks at the items we use to decorate our homes.  She offers some suggestions on how to reduce the impact. These include changing to low energy lightbulbs and continuing to use old decorations instead of sending them to landfill.  She … Continue reading Suggestion Box 29 – Decorations

Suggestion Box 22 – Natural Cleaning

Manufactured cleaning chemicals are not always good for the environment.  In this video Karen suggests a few of the natural alternative cleaning chemicals that can be used.  These options may take a bit more time and elbow grease to work but they are kinder to the environment; cheap and can be just as effective as … Continue reading Suggestion Box 22 – Natural Cleaning

Suggestion Box 19: Cling Film

Cling Film or Cling Wrap is widely used as a cover for food.  However, as it is not always easy to recycle, it contributes to land fill where it takes a long time to breakdown.  In doing so, toxic chemicals are released.  Some of the ways to reduce its use in the home are suggested … Continue reading Suggestion Box 19: Cling Film