Suggestion Box 7 – Packaging

Packaging is used to protect the items that we buy on-line and send to family and friends.  But we need to be careful about the amount that we use and how we dispose of it.  The type of packaging material used is important as it influences whether it can be re-used, re-cycled or needs to … Continue reading Suggestion Box 7 – Packaging

Suggestion Box 6 – Water

For those of us lucky enough to have access to a ready supply of fresh, drinkable water at the turn of a tap it is easy to take this for granted.  In this Suggestion Box video we meet Angie who has decided to take action to reduce her use of water in order to protect … Continue reading Suggestion Box 6 – Water

Suggestion Box 5 – Recycling

A simple pre-packed lunch bought from a supermarket can produce a significant amount of waste.  Some of this can be recycled, but it also adds to rubbish that has to be sent to landfill.  In this Suggestion Box video we identify some of the confusion that surrounds what can and can’t be recycled before exploring … Continue reading Suggestion Box 5 – Recycling

Suggestion Box 4 – Clothing

We are constantly being told that to feel our best or to make the right impression with our friends, work colleagues and family, we need to buy new clothes.  Many of us now have wardrobes that are full, with items of clothing that we have worn only a few times (if at all).  The next … Continue reading Suggestion Box 4 – Clothing

Suggestion Box 3 – Commuting

Following the disruption of lockdowns resulting from the rapid spread of Coronavirus, more people are returning to the office at least one or two days a week.  In this latest Environmental Suggestion Box , we consider decisions you can make about how to travel.  We explore the time, physical effort, cost and carbon emissions of … Continue reading Suggestion Box 3 – Commuting

What can we do about Climate Breakdown?

Nine months after launching our first video course online, “What do we mean by climate breakdown” we are really pleased to announce that we have published our second one, “What can we do about climate breakdown?”  I dealt with some of the issues around creating this course in a post earlier in June so after … Continue reading What can we do about Climate Breakdown?

Course Creation

After some time, we are just about to launch our second course on Udemy – “What can we do about Climate Breakdown?”  We suggested the course would be available soon after our first one went live in September last year so it has been a longer than expected process to build it.  We thought this … Continue reading Course Creation