Net Zero Walking?

I was lucky to be invited to spend a day walking in the Lake District recently.  This was a day in the Langdales with a scramble up Wetherlam from Fell Foot and Greenburn and then a more leisurely walk and another scramble to the top of Swirl How.  From Swirl How, we walked along West … Continue reading Net Zero Walking?

Suggestion Box 8 – Clothing Disposal

Here, the discussion around the environmental impact of our clothing is continued from Suggestion Box 4.  This time we look at clothing disposal. Options available to extend the useful life of items and avoid sending them to landfill are suggested. Some useful links to illustrate the ways in which organisations are working to reduce the … Continue reading Suggestion Box 8 – Clothing Disposal

Suggestion Box 4 – Clothing

We are constantly being told that to feel our best or to make the right impression with our friends, work colleagues and family, we need to buy new clothes.  Many of us now have wardrobes that are full, with items of clothing that we have worn only a few times (if at all).  The next … Continue reading Suggestion Box 4 – Clothing