Friends of the Dales

ideostone is based on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  We use images and ideas of the National Park quite often in our work so I was pleased to be invited to talk to the policy committee of Friends of the Dales about climate breakdown. Friends of the Dales is a membership charity … Continue reading Friends of the Dales

Climate Lockdown?

What we can learn from the Covid-19 lockdown for the longer-term restrictions in our normal way of life that are likely to arise from climate breakdown?  Are we heading for a climate lockdown?  I explore my thinking in this article. Background Although now being eased, the restrictions imposed in most countries in response to the … Continue reading Climate Lockdown?

What can we do about Climate Breakdown?

Nine months after launching our first video course online, “What do we mean by climate breakdown” we are really pleased to announce that we have published our second one, “What can we do about climate breakdown?”  I dealt with some of the issues around creating this course in a post earlier in June so after … Continue reading What can we do about Climate Breakdown?

Course Creation

After some time, we are just about to launch our second course on Udemy – “What can we do about Climate Breakdown?”  We suggested the course would be available soon after our first one went live in September last year so it has been a longer than expected process to build it.  We thought this … Continue reading Course Creation

What do we mean by Climate Breakdown?

You will see from the changes to the website that we have now launched our first course on Udemy.  Developing on-line training on environmental topics is the main reason for re-establishing ideostone so the launch of this first course is a cause for celebration.  We are confident that a couple of other courses will follow … Continue reading What do we mean by Climate Breakdown?

The Future of the UK Motor Industry

The future of the UK Motor Industry raises some interesting issues but before we can consider this, we first need to look at the current situation. The SMMT, the trade body for the UK motor industry suggests that the industry contributes £202 billion directly and indirectly to the economy.  Whether or not you accept this … Continue reading The Future of the UK Motor Industry

A Sense of Place

Naomi Klein’s book, “This Changes Everything” was published in 2014 and I read it shortly afterwards.  It is quite a dense book, with 466 pages excluding the notes and references but it provides a very good analysis of climate change.  The book develops a theme from the author’s previous book, “The Shock Doctrine” hypothesising that … Continue reading A Sense of Place