Suggestion Box 21 – Holidays

Holidays are beneficial to our health and wellbeing.  Apart from the impact of the way we travel to our destinations, there are decisions we can make about the activities we take part in while on holiday.  In this video, Karen looks at how we can all help to reduce the emissions associated with the tourist … Continue reading Suggestion Box 21 – Holidays

Net Zero by 2027- an introduction

At ideostone, we’ve signed up to the SME Climate Hub and committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2027.  We are doing this alongside thousands of other small businesses who are making similar commitments but with other target dates.  In this series of videos, we are sharing our progress.  We’re doing … Continue reading Net Zero by 2027- an introduction

Suggestion Box 17 – Planting trees?

In this Suggestion Box Karen looks at the option of offsetting carbon emissions.  She mentions the various projects available. One of these is the popular option of tree-planting schemes.  However this should be a last resort, after steps have been taken to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible. Viewers are encouraged to look at … Continue reading Suggestion Box 17 – Planting trees?