Suggestion Box 30 – Festive Food Waste

This is the third and last Suggestion Box video about the environmental impact of festive traditions.  Food waste is a problem all year round and this contributes to climate breakdown.  During times of celebration, this is a particular problem.  In the UK alone, around 270,000 tonnes of festive food waste is created.  Here we provide … Continue reading Suggestion Box 30 – Festive Food Waste

Suggestion Box 29 – Decorations

This is the second video about the environmental impact of festive traditions. This time, Karen looks at the items we use to decorate our homes.  She offers some suggestions on how to reduce the impact. These include changing to low energy lightbulbs and continuing to use old decorations instead of sending them to landfill.  She … Continue reading Suggestion Box 29 – Decorations

Suggestion Box 28 – Christmas Trees

This is the first of three videos in which we explore the environmental impact of festive traditions.  This time we look at Christmas trees.  Once you have decided that a tree will be part of your celebrations, the next choice to make is the type of tree.  Here, we offer some pros and cons of … Continue reading Suggestion Box 28 – Christmas Trees

Suggestion Box 27 – Discuss Issues

In this video we suggest ways that you can discuss issues once you have made changes to reduce your own environmental impact.  These include questions to ask your friends and family to find out what they know and what action they are taking.  You can also find out about climate action groups in your local … Continue reading Suggestion Box 27 – Discuss Issues

Suggestion Box 26 – Gardening

However big or small your outside space might be, in this video we give some suggestions for how you can help the environment when gardening.  For example, if you only have a windowsill, hang up a bunch of twigs to provide a shelter for pollinators.  Plant choices and composting waste are other ways to garden … Continue reading Suggestion Box 26 – Gardening

Suggestion Box 25 – Investments

In this video, Karen suggests some checks that you can make to ensure that your investments do not result in harm to the environment.  The activities of fossil fuel companies and chemical manufacturers have a negative effect on the planet.  Our investments could be used to fund these companies so it is important that you … Continue reading Suggestion Box 25 – Investments

Suggestion Box 22 – Natural Cleaning

Manufactured cleaning chemicals are not always good for the environment.  In this video Karen suggests a few of the natural alternative cleaning chemicals that can be used.  These options may take a bit more time and elbow grease to work but they are kinder to the environment; cheap and can be just as effective as … Continue reading Suggestion Box 22 – Natural Cleaning

Suggestion Box 21 – Holidays

Holidays are beneficial to our health and wellbeing.  Apart from the impact of the way we travel to our destinations, there are decisions we can make about the activities we take part in while on holiday.  In this video, Karen looks at how we can all help to reduce the emissions associated with the tourist … Continue reading Suggestion Box 21 – Holidays